Why do only Stealth Servers work with OpenVPNinja in China?

Tony San -

Cause: The GFW blocks standard OpenVPN-based traffic.

Explanation: The GFW is a modern miracle - of poop.  In November of 2012 the GFW was upgraded to include sniffing of OpenVPN packets.  Basically - any time the GFW detects OpenVPN-based traffic it cuts it off.  This change in the GFW affected all VPN providers in China equally.

Solution: VPNinja Stealth Servers 

Explanation: VPNinja's super-secret stealth technology was designed specifically to help our China-based users connect to our service using OpenVPNinja.  The Stealth servers use a combination of TLS and SSL encryption that prevents China's Great Firewall (GFW) from detecting OpenVPN-based connections, and therefore lets our users roundhouse the man in the face every day.  Refer below to Step 6 of our setup guide that explains

How to Choose an OpenVPNinja Stealth Server

  • Find the tiny VPNinja face - which should appear in the upper right-hand corner of the screen on a Mac computer and the lower right-hand screen of a Windows machine.
  • Click on the Ninja's face (don't worry, Ninjas like being punched).
  • When you click on the VPNinja face you will see a pop-down (Mac) or pop-up (Windows) showing countries which VPNinja currently supports.
  • Choose the country (using your mouse) that is most relevant to you. For example, if you'd like to connect to  Hulu choose USA.  If you'd like to connect to the iBBC Player choose UK.
  • CHINA USERS PAY ATTENTION! If you are based in China, you will need to choose a STEALTH server - which uses TTL+SSL encryption to hide OpenVPN traffic from the nefarious net overlords of the GFW.


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