VPNinja Review And Speed Test by Anonymster

Support Sensei -

VPNinja provides pretty stable and fast connection and it is known to be one of the most friendly VPN service among competitions. The core staff at VPNinja are, in fact, VPNinjas themselves.


These surf the whole internet ALL THE TIME. As a result, if you have problems, they make it their problem. And then they give the problem a round-house kick-to-the-face.

VPNinja provides support to users through email, WeChat messages and remote sessions with any user that for some reason is facing a problem to install/configure or connect to  the VPN service. The remote session system is pretty unique in the industry and it is in total alignment with the friendly approach of VPNinja team.

Here are some of the main features of VPNinja (...) Read the whole article at: Anonymster


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