Why does my phone connect fine at work, but not when I am at home?

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Situation Overview: You have set up your mobile device to run VPNinja, and when you are in certain wifi locations it works. However, in other wifi locations it does not work at all.

Common Cause:

Most commonly, the router in the location where the VPN is not working has a built in firewall, which blocks all PPTP, L2TP. and IPsec connections. These built in firewalls exist to preserve bandwidth by limiting the amount of traffic one user can produce. The drawback, however, is that VPN users cannot connect.

Simple Solution:

If you're at work or connecting on a public network there's really not much that can be done other than trying OpenVPNinja.

However, if you're at home there are a few things that you can do:

  • Buy a Wi-Fi router that supports PPTP protocol. (Good Wi-Fi routers are super inexpensive these days cheap.)
  • Contact your ISP (internet service provider) to see if they can enable PPTP VPN pass-through on their provided router/modem.
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