Downloading Torrents on VPNinja

Tony San -

Question: Can I download Torrents on VPNinja?

A lot of users ask this question.  Being able to download torrents via VPNinja will protect your identity as all VPNinja users connecting through a VPNinja server have a shared IP address.  

Answer:  Yes 

Explanation in more detail:  While the use of torrent technology is often used to download copyrighted material, VPNinja in no-way promotes downloading or illegally obtaining copyrighted materials by our users - and we strongly discourage the use of the technology specifically for this use.  While the use of a shared IP address does allow users downloading torrents to hide their identity, any illegal downloading of protected material is done at the discretion of individual users - and VPNinja will bear no responsibility or liability for any penalties (monetary or otherwise) which result from the downloading of copyrighted material by our users.

Users caught downloading digitally protected material will be informed of any DMCA infractions by VPNinja support.

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