L2TP/PPTP Server Addresses

Tony San -

Abunai, Ninja! 

The country you connect to will determine what web-based services you will have access to!
So if you would like to connect with US-based services such as NetflixSpotify, etc - make sure to choose a US-based server address.  If you would like to connect to UK's iBBC Player - choose a UK-based server address.  

Connecting from China?
We suggest you mainly stick with the Japan servers as they are speedy and stable because of a bigger physical bandwidth and the kick-ass ninja-like networking backbone of Japan (fastest Internet connection in the world!)

Japan Server Addresses (Fastest from China)

  • 1.jp-ninja.com
  • 2.jp-ninja.com
  • 3.jp-ninja.com
  • 4.jp-ninja.com


  • 1.us-ninja.com
  • 2.us-ninja.com
  • 3.us-ninja.com
  • 4.us-ninja.com
  • 5.us-ninja.com
  • 6.us-ninja.com
  • 7.us-ninja.com
  • 8.us-ninja.com
  • 9.us-ninja.com
  • 10.us-ninja.com

UK Servers (Great Britain, England)

  • 1.uk-ninja.com
  • 2.uk-ninja.com

The Netherlands

  • 1.nl-ninja.com


  • 1.fr-ninja.com

South Korea 

  • 1.sk-ninja.com
  • 2.sk-ninja.com


  • 1.au-ninja.com

Canada (use for Torrents)

  • 1.ca-ninja.com


  • 1.de-ninja.com

Hong Kong 

  • 1.hk-ninja.com


  • 1.in-ninja.com


  • 1.br-ninja.com


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