Mobile Troubleshooting

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Mobile Troubleshooting

Trouble connecting mobile devices usually happen for one of the following reasons:

Check your connection

  • If you are connecting to the Internet via cellular data make sure that you have a 3G connection or stronger (Edge/GPRS is NOT 3G).
    If you are connecting to the Internet via WIFI make sure your router is not blocking PPTP connections. You can test this by connecting to a different WIFI network i.e. an Internet café, your friend's house, etc. If you find that your router is indeed blocking PPTP connections then you will need to configure your router. If you want to know how to access your router you can look up your router model setup guide on any search engine.

Make Sure your connection is PPTP:

  • VPNinja on mobile devices is only available through PPTP connections. When you configure VPNinja make sure that you follow our mobile setup guide EXACTLY (like a Ninja) and have not inadvertently chosen IPSec or L2TP.

Confirm Your VPNinja Credentials:

  • Another common problem that users may run into is an authentication error. If your account does not authenticate when you are connecting it could very well be that you are using an incorrect password or username. This can happen for any number of reasons, but if you experience a continued authentication error and cannot connect via mobile or computer please contact support for password assistance.
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