OpenVPNinja Setup | Mac OSX and MacOS Sierra (Recommended)

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The Quick and Dirty Setup Guide

  • Download OpenVPNinja for Mac OSX and MacOS Sierra.
  • Find the downloaded OpenVPNinja.dmg file and install it.
  • Choose your preferred server (for China-based users, choose a stealth or fast server), login with your VPNinja username and password.
  • Surf the ENTIRE internet.


Step-by-Step Installation Guide:


Step 1 - Download the OpenVPNinja client and open it.

  • Click Here to download the latest version of OpenVPNinja for Mac OS and MacOS Sierra.
  • Find the OpenVPNinja.dmg file you just downloaded and double-click it to open the installation package.


Step 2 - Find and Open the OpenVPNinja.dmg File

  • Double click on the little Ninja face above the word Tunnelblick to begin installation.





Step 3 - When prompted, click "Open"

  • Your Mac will ask you if you are sure you want to open the OpenVPNinja application because it has been "downloaded from the internet."
  • As you are a computer using mammal - and all computers are connected to the internet - this is a silly question. 
  • Your computer deserves to be punched - but as you are not a violent person, just click "Open".
  • If Your Macbook is MacOS Sierra, please follow the procedures below and after you finish, skip to step 5.

    First, open a Terminal window. Press Command+Space, type “Terminal”, and press Enter to launch one. Or, you can open a Finder window and head to Applications > Utilities > Terminal.

    Run the following command in the Terminal window and provide your password:

    sudo spctl --master-disable

    1.Click the System Preferences icon on your Dock. Alternatively, you can click on the Apple icon in the top left of your screen and then click "System Preferences."

    2.Click Security & Privacy. It will be located under the heading "Personal."

    3.Click the lock in the bottom left of window. Enter your password when prompted. Then, click Unlock.

    4.Click the box next to "Anywhere." This will be located in the "General" Section, under "Accept Applications Downloaded From: ". You will now be able to install your software as normal. Click the lock again if you wish to prevent further changes.

Step 4 - Input your Mac username and password

  • Your Mac will now ask you if you'd like to install the OpenVPNinja (Tunnelblick) application on your local hard drive.  You definitely want to do this.
  • In order to continue, please enter the password you use to login to your Mac computer (NOT your VPNinja username and password) and press "Ok".
  • Now wait patiently, like a true Ninja, as OpenVPNinja installs in a most efficient and deadly manner.


Step 5 - Launch the OpenVPNinja/Tunnelblick Application

  • Press "Launch" to launch the OpenVPNinja/Tunnelblick application.  
  • Once the application launches locate the OpenVPNinja icon, which should appear in the upper right-hand corner of the screen.
  • If you close the application at this point you can always find the OpenVPNinja application later by searching your Applications folder for "Tunnelblick".

Step 6 - Choose your preferred VPNinja Region and Server.

  • Find the tiny VPNinja face - which should appear in the upper right-hand corner of the screen.
  • Click on the Ninja's face (don't worry, Ninjas like being punched).
  • When you click on the VPNinja face you will see a pop-down showing countries which VPNinja currently supports.
  • Choose the country (using your mouse) that is most relevant to you. For example, if you'd like to connect to  Hulu choose USA.  If you'd like to connect to the iBBC Player choose UK.
  • After you have chosen a country you will see a list of the available servers you can connect to in that country.
  • CHINA USERS PAY ATTENTION! If you are based in China, you will need to choose a STEALTH server - which uses TTL+SSL encryption to hide OpenVPN traffic from the nefarious net overlords of the GFW.
  • Users in other countries can choose any type of server.  FAST servers use UDP network protocol for speed.  STABLE servers use HTTP standard protocol for stability and dependability.

Step 7 - Sign in to VPNinja

  • Username - is the same username you used to sign up for the VPNinja service and can be found in your account activation email.
  • Password - is the password you chose when purchasing VPNinja.  
  • If you have forgotten your password, don't commit seppuku - just click here.

Step 8 - Patiently Wait while VPNinja Connects

  • When offline the tiny Ninja eyes will be closed.
  • While connecting the tiny Ninja's eyes will blink, as he dodges virtual bullets, bombs, Indian burns and other net-based weaponry deployed by nefarious net overlords.
  • When VPNinja connects successfully the Ninja's eyes will be open - as he is now seeing the ENTIRE INTERNET.


Step 9 - Damn the Man, Surf the Entire Internet

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