PPTP Setup Guide | iOS 6 (iPad)

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Step 1 - Tap The Settings Widget

  • Find the Settings widget wherever it is on your iPad and use your finger to open it like a Ninja death touch.
  • Ours is conveniently located in the upper left hand corner of our iPad - and is guarded by a Ninja.


Step 2 - Select Network

  • In the Settings column tap General to bring up the General column on the right side of the iPad screen.
  • Select Network in the General column.
  • After you select Network the right screen will change.  Next select VPN.


Step 3 - Add VPN Configuration

  • In the VPN column tap on Add VPN Configuration. 


Step 4 - Configure A VPN Connection

  • Your iPad will now pop-up a VPN Configuration page - make sure to you have selected the PPTP (Point-to-Point Transport Protocol) tab at the top.
  • In the Description field enter a name for your connection - we recommend VPNinja.
  • In the Server field enter one of VPNinja's PPTP server addresses (a full list of servers can be found here). 
  • In the Account field you will need to enter your VPNinja Username (which was created when you signed up for VPNinja.
  • RSA SecurID should be in the Off position.
  • In the Password field you will need to enter your VPNinja Password which you chose during the VPNinja sign-up process.
  • If you have forgotten your password, don't commit seppuku - just click here.
  • Send All Traffic should be in the On position.
  • Proxy should be Off.
  • When you have completed the steps above, press Save.


Step 5 - Continue Configuration

  • After finishing the VPNinja configuration a toggle switch will appear on the VPN tab.
  • Toggle the VPN switch to the ON position and wait patiently.
  • Once your VPNinja connection has been established you will see Status change to Connected and a small VPN Icon will appear in the upper left hand side of the iPad status bar.


Step 6 - Damn the Man. Surf the Entire Internet.


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