PPTP Setup Guide | iOS 6

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Step 1 - Find the VPN Setup Screen

  • Tap the Settings widget to enter your iPhone/iPod settings.



Step 2: Tap the General Tab

  • In Settings scroll down to the General tab. Tap the General tab.



Step 3: Tap the Network Tab

  • In the General screen tap Network.
 In the Network screen scroll down to the bottom. 



Step 4: Add a VPN configuration

  • Once on the VPN screen you tap the Add VPN Configuration tab



Step 5 - Setup the VPNinja Configuration

  • In the Add Configuration screen tap PPTP.

  • Name the VPN connection under Description. In this case VPNinja JP2 has been chosen to coincide with the server.
  • Add a Server address. Choose from this list of servers, which can be found here.



Step 6: Continue Configuration

  • In the Account field type your VPNinja username.
  • In the Password field type your VPNinja password.



Step 7: Finish Configuration

  • Make sure that all traffic is being sent over the VPN.
  • The Proxy should be set to Off.
  • Tap save. 



Step 8 - Connect to VPNinja

  • When back in the VPN screen click the toggle switch that is set to off. Wait for the connection.



Step 9: Confirm VPN Connection

  • If connection is successful a small VPN icon will appear at the top of the screen and the status will read Connected with a timer.



Step 10 - Damn the Man, Surf the Entire Internet


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