VPNinja Router | Changing Server

James Cox -

 Step-by-Step Installation Guide:

Step 1 - Connecting to your VPNinja router

  • Click Here to open your VPNinja router settings. (or, if you have changed the default IP address, head to your router's new IP address).
  • Enter the Username and Password for your VPNinja Router  (DEFAULT: User: root, Password: sensei) - Note: This is not your standard VPN Username and Password.

Step 2 - Changing the Server address

  • Press the "Stop Now" button located at the bottom-left of the page.
  • Select the box labeled "Server Address" and enter the server you wish to connect to - for example: us5.ninserver.com (Click here to see VPNinja server addresses)
  • Press the "Save" button at the very bottom right of the screen - wait until the text indicates the settings are saved.
  • Press the "Start Now" button at the bottom left of the tab. 
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