Ubuntu 12.04 | PPTP Setup

Tony San -

Step 1 - Configure VPN

  • Select network connections in the upper right part of the navigation bar.
  • In the resulting drop-down menu, select VPN Connections -> Configure VPN...

Step 2 - Add VPN

  • Select the Add button on the upper right of the next pop-up.

Step 3 - Choose VPN Type

  • In the drop-down menu make sure Point-toPoint Tunneling Procol (PPTP) is selected.

Step 4 - Configure Settings

  • In the Connection name: field enter VPNinja
  • In the Gateway field enter your
  • You will now need to decide which VPNinja server you would like your phone or tablet to connect to.
  • A full list of servers can be found here.
  • Your VPNinja server selection will affect your ability to connect to different web-based services.  For US-based services (like Hulu, Netflix or Spotify) you'll need to select a US-based server.  For iBBC player, select a UK-based server, and so on. 
  • In the Optional section input your VPNinja username and password. (This is the same username and password you created when you signed up for VPNinja).
  • Leave NT Domain field empty
  • Click Advanced and move to Step 5.

Step 5 - Choose VPN Type

  • In the Authentication field, make sure only MSCHAPv2 is checked.
  • Make sure Use Point-to-Point encryption (MPPE) is unchecked under the Security and Compression section.
  • Allow BSD data compression, Allow Deflate data compression, and Use TCP header compression should all be checked.
  • Under the Echo section make sure Send PPP echo packets remains unchecked.
  • Click OK.

Step 6 - Confirm VPN Creation

  • You should now see VPNinja as a new VPN connection in your Network Connections.
  • Click Close.

Step 7 - Start VPNinja connection.

  • In the upper right hand corner of your navigation bar, select VPN Connections->VPNinja.
  • Your VPNinja connection will now initiate.

Step 8 - Connection Established

  • When VPNinja successfully connects you will now see a lock on the nav bar Network Connection icon and you will see a message saying the VPN connection has been successfully established.

Step 9 - Damn the Man, Surf the Entire Internet

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