How to setup the VPNinja Stealth App - Android (Recommended)

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This article will explain how to setup and use the VPNinja Stealth App on your Android. 

1. Download the App from the Play Store, or direct from our site here (China users will need to use the direct download)

*If you are using direct download it is recommended you open this page on your phone and download

2. Locate the VPNinja Stealth app in your downloads (or the folder you saved it in), and click, when prompted press Install.

3. Open your newly installed VPNinja Stealth Application by location the ninja face in your Applications menu.

4. When the Application Opens insert your VPNinja username and password, and Click the Log in button.

* Don't have an account? Click here to get a free trial!


5. Bellow is the home page of the VPNinja Stealth APP, after you add servers, you will be able to connect to your favorite servers directly from this page. To add a server - Click the plus button at the top right of the screen.



6. Select your preferred Server, remember. After you choose the Country, you can hit the plus button.

* In China any Asian server will be best for speed and stability


7. On your home screen, select the newly added server and press the play bottom in the bottom right of the screen.



Connected! To select more servers, go back to step 5 and start the process again with a new server, you can add as many servers you like, we recommend you add your 5 favorite servers for fast switching between servers.

7. To stop the VPN just press the stop button in the bottom right of the screen, and confirm with a OK



Now You Can Damn the Man. Surf the Entire Internet.

  • Once connected you can now surf the entire internet freely, as the elders of the internet intended.
  • Connected successfully? Head over to VPNinja's facebook page to test and give us a like or two!
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    Graeme Freear

    Very easy set up & reliable VPN 

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