OpenVPNinja Setup | Windows 10 (and lower) (Recommended)

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Step 1 - Download OpenVPNinja.


Step 2 - Click "Save".

  • Your browser might ask you if you would like to run or save WinOpenVPNinja and tell you this type of file could do harm to your computer.  If Windows was a person, we'd recommend roundhouse-kicking it in the face.  As it's not, we recommend clicking Save instead.
  • After you click Save you should now see the file start to download.


Step 3 - Run OpenVPNinja.exe

  • Click Run when prompted or double-click the downloaded file to begin installation.


  • If an installation prompt pops up, click View all Options, and then click the Run Anyway button.
  • When the User Account Control window appears click on Yes to continue the installation.

Step 4 - Follow the Instructions on the Installation Wizard

  • Click the Next and follow all the instructions as they appear to begin installation.




Step 5 - Finish Installation

  • When the installation is complete the window below will appear.
  • Click Finish to close the wizard and run OpenVPN.


Step 6 - Install the Patch located at the bottom of the page


Step 7 -Click on the file to install it


Step 8 -After the Patch is opened, click on "Patch"



Step 9 -After the Patch is installed, you will receive a successful message, click on "Ok" to proceed.


Step 10 - Now you can click on "Exit"



Step 11 - Find the Tiny Ninja

  • In the bottom right corner of the task bar the OpenVPNinja icon will appear (on Windows 7 you may need to click on the up arrow in the tray in order to see the tiny ninja face).




Step 12 - Choose a Server

  • Find the tiny VPNinja face - which should appear in the lower right-hand corner of the screen in the Windows shortcut bar (near Volume, Wifi).
  • Right-Click on the Ninja's face (don't worry, Ninjas like being punched).
  • When you click on the VPNinja face you will see a pop-up showing countries which VPNinja currently supports.
  • Choose the country (using your mouse) that is most relevant to you. For example, if you'd like to connect to  Hulu choose USA.  If you'd like to connect to the iBBC Player choose UK.
  • After you have chosen a country you will see a list of the available servers you can connect to in that country.
  • CHINA USERS PAY ATTENTION! If you are based in China, you will need to choose a STEALTH or FAST server - which uses TTL+SSL encryption to hide OpenVPN traffic from the nefarious net overlords of the GFW.
  • Users in other countries can choose any type of server.  FAST servers use UDP network protocol for speed.  STABLE servers use HTTP standard protocol for stability and dependability.






Step 13 - Input your VPNinja Username and Password

  • Once a server has been chosen OpenVPNinja will prompt you for your username and password.
  • Input your username and password and click OK.




Step 14 - Connect

  • When VPNinja has successfully connected your OpenVPNinja icon will open his tiny ninja eyes
  • Don't be scared he is here to help.







Step 15 - Damn the Man, Surf the Entire Internet

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